A short history of climbing in the long history of this small medieval village with a rich past, a vibrant present and a promising future, as local life and activities continue to develop.

When I arrived in 1981, Orpierre was a sleepy sun-soaked little village, typical of the time. Life seemed to centre around the summer pursuit of “Pastis- Petanque”.

Force of circumstance and a synergy between local personalities open to ideas. The arrival in 1983 of Pierre –Yves Bochaton, a climber from Lyon and mountain lover, allowed us to develop a solid climbing project. A global view of local development and the equipping of routes allowed a harmonious development.

From running the communal gite to the development of my own gites and the vegetarian restaurant “Le Croq Roc” that I ran jointly with Pierre-Yves from 1986 to 1996, the years have passed with equal pleasure and motivation.

At the present time, I just run the two gites «Sarriette» and «Genievre».

Also involving myself with the Film Festival on the last weekend of June, the “Fruits Anciens” market at the end of October and the associative café through the winter months.

I welcome you and will do my best to help you to feel a part of my village.

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